Official Statement from The Call of the Shofar


The founder, Simcha Frischling, has provided an official description of his program. This is the only official source of what the Shofar is about.

To Whom it May Concern:
I am Simcha Frischling, Founder and Executive Director of Call of the Shofar. Sadly, a great deal of slander and misinformation has been circulating about the organization and I want to take this opportunity to clarify who we are.

Call of the Shofar is a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower Jewish men and women of all degrees of observance to live with full vitality and to engage in appropriate, responsible relationship with others. Educational by nature, our programs have brought positive change to thousands of lives worldwide over the past 12 years. With the continued guidance and support of prominent Rabbonim and experts in the field of personal growth, all of our programs are grounded in Torah hashkofa (principles) and are in strict accordance with Halacha (Jewish law).

Our programs explore the journey from Egypt to Israel as a template for our own personal journey back to our true selves. Our workshops provide tools and opportunities to identify and transcend our own constrictions. From greater freedom and clarity we can then consciously orchestrate our actions towards living healthy, vital and responsible lives.

We can all agree that our communities are not immune to individuals suffering from low self-esteem, dysfunctional marriages and a lack of good parenting skills. These problems, to name a few, are affecting the very foundation of our families. To learn and embody the principles which generate emotional and relational wellbeing is now an absolute responsibility and necessity.

Through experiential workshops and educational seminars, we teach skills of healthy communication. We help individuals become aware of old toxic patterns of thinking which often pollute our relationships with our spouses and children. We get in touch with our vitality and emotional vibrancy. We learn to accept responsibility for ourselves, our families and for the communities within which we belong. We step into our freedom of choice from which we connect deeply with G-d and our loved ones. We come to understand our highest priorities and the importance of following the laws and leadership which help us manifest those priorities. We experience gratitude for our lives, which provide us the opportunity to grow and love.

Through compassionate listening and respectful attention, our programs are designed to create a safe environment for people to break free of old, dysfunctional constrictions. Call of the Shofar provides effective tools to live with more vitality and intentionality and the ongoing support to bring these qualities into our everyday lives.

I am proud to be a member of an organization which is having such a positive effect on so many lives. I am honored to be working with so many courageous individuals. I am grateful to be part of a growing circle of individuals who are making positive changes for the sake of our families, our communities, and the ultimate awakening of G-d’s Presence in our lives.

This is what Call of the Shofar is and this is what we do.

Yours truly,
Simcha Frischling

Disclaimer: Truth about Shofar blog is not
in anyway affiliated with Call of the Shofar.
All opinions are of the authors.

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