The Truth about the Shofar


This blog is focused on my experiences and perspectives on a self-help program called the Call of the Shofar. Since the program is so powerful, it has been both praised and attacked on all sides from different groups. I’m hoping to be able to shed some light on the issues surrounding the Shofar, and give people to the opportunity to learn about the Shofar program in a more objective arena.


1) I am not officially associated with the Shofar in any way, nor do I officially speak for the organization. Opinions are mine, alone

2) I do not endorse attending the Shofar in any way. Going to such a program requires each individual to work closely with their own Rav, Mashpia, and/or therapist.

3) This blog is intended for Jews of all types – Lubavitch, Litvish, Modern, Reform, Unaffiliated, etc.  I take no position or make any assumptions about who is reading it or commenting on it.

-Dovid Feldman


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